December 2017 News

Between Yourself and Me
A New Documentary from Dance Film Association and Third Rail Projects
(original music)

Including never-before seen material from their award-winning performances, screen adaptations of Then She Fell and Roadside Attraction, and interviews with experts in the field, BETWEEN YOURSELF AND ME situates Third Rail Projects within this unique cultural moment and offers audiences a glimpse into the flourishing, intimate world of experiential performance.

More info and trailer available HERE.
Stay tuned for screenings in 2018.

The Wild Party
Denver Center for the Performing Arts / Off-Center
(sound design)

The Hangar at the Stanley Marketplace was transformed into a vaudeville and Manhattan apartment for three weeks in October, with Amanda Berg Wilson adapting La Chiusa’s Wild Party into an immersive musical in which the audience is very much a part of the drama.

The show presented a unique challenge for the sound design, moving between two main performance areas and mix positions, tracking every actor through a 25 speaker surround sound system.

Watch the trailer HERE.
More info at the show website.

Behind the City
(original music and sound design)

For three nights in November, The Macallan created The Macallen Speakeasy, an invite-only pop-up destination where guests had exclusive access to the premiere of Behind the City.

Designed for just two people at a time, Behind The City is Third Rail Projects’ most intimate work to date. New York City serves as a stage, setting, and metaphor where couples discover unexpected, dreamlike environments and narratives hidden behind closed doors. Behind The City is a rumination on love, getting lost, and the memories that we imprint upon the city and that it imprints upon us.

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