Collaborations exploring custom programming (Max MSP, Isadora, Ableton Live) and hardware configurations.


Hit the Body Alarm
The Performing Garage (2016)
created and performed by Winsome Browne
Directed by Winsome Brown and Brad Rouse
Sean Hagerty – live electronics and electric violin
John Zorn – original music


Combining texts of Milton’s Paradise Lost with original jail tails from co-director Brad Rouse and herself, Winsome explores themes of power and isolation. Vocal sampling and manipulation permeate the piece.


Chopin Minute’s Waltz in 30 Minutes
Le Poisson Rouge
Dave Soldier – piano
Sean Hagerty – live electronics


An old musician’s joke is on the order of “It takes him half an hour to play the Minute Waltz.” Soldier performs the Frederic Chopin’s Minute Waltz very, very slowly, lasting nearly a half hour, while Hagerty stretches each piano note out over time.

Chasing the Train
Bushwick Starr (2009)
Andrew Nemr – tap
Sean Hagerty – live electronics


An exploration of tap dance performance technology and sound. Through various types of improvised dance and live processing the piece explores the abstract as well as the more focused, including a take on the Ellington/Strayhorn composition “Take the A Train.” Dedicated to Les Paul.


The Lost Victrola Sessions
The Player’s Club
Hudson Opera
Rebecca Cherry – violin, Jeff Lankov – piano
Sean Hagerty – live electronics and video


Director Winsome Brown’s silent film, The Violinist, integrates with live performance in this mixture of classical music, multi-media, and theater starring Rebecca Cherry. Music composed by Dave Soldier.


Place Panes
Vbrooklyn Festival, Galapagos Arts Space
Siddharth Mehta – tabla
Sean Hagerty – electric violin, live electronics and video


The piece revolves around identity and city environments, weaving industrial Indian elements with live video of the performers.