Theater and Dance Performance

In addition to pit orchestra work, Sean has extensively performed original music for live theater utilizing live foley, violin, mandolin, banjo, and percussion. Projects include a one-man performance of A Christmas Carroll with Len Petit; two productions of Around the World in 80 Days, directed by Mark Shanahan; Twelfth Night with Milesquare Theatre; and Marathon Dancing, directed by Zishan Ugurlu.

Around the World in 80 Days
Theater Squared
Fayetteville, AR
(foley design, original music, and performance)


The classical pomp of London. The opium dens of China. A heroic elephant in India. A runaway train in America, alongside many other trains and boats carrying Phileas Fogg and his trusted sidekick Passepartout across the world.
Using a combination of stringed instruments, percussion, and foley, Sean Hagerty and Ashtyn Nilsen evoked the moods and styles of these various locales and means of transportation.
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Around the World in 80 Days
Florida Repertory Theater
Ft. Meyers, FL
An adaption of the foley and music from the above production.
Proper credit should go to the show’s musicians/sound-effects artists, Mike Magliocca and Sean Hagerty, who are just as important as the actors when it comes to setting the scenes or generating suspense. The duo dramatically underscores the action with guitar, ukulele, whistles, drums and various other instruments. And they provide sound effects using all sorts of tools. Scrubbing brushes mimic the sound of a chugging train, for example. And a bellows and a rattled metal sheet conjure up a sea journey and that boat-tossing typhoon.
-Charles Runnells,
Roadside Attraction
Third Rail Projects
World Financial Center
New York, NY


Underscoring a site-specific dance performance revolving around a pop-up camper, musicians Sean Hagerty and Isaiah Singer performed music inspired by 70’s rock, looping a mixture of violin, mandolin, 12-string guitar, electric piano, and percussion alongside vocalist/dancer Elizabeth Carena.
Christmas Carol
Milesquare Theater
Hoboken, NJ


Beyond the traditional Fezziweg fiddling, the live music incorporates looping, sampling, electric and acoustic violin, voice, dulcimer, and foley to evoke the various ghosts that visit Scrooge. This adaption of the classic story is performed only by a single actor (Len Petit) and a musician in both a theater and in intimate chamber settings.
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Chris O'Connor Viola's Lament
Twelfth Night
Milesquare Theater
Hoboken, NJ


The music strives to create an American context for this Shakespeare comedy, mixing original songs for Viola and Feste with other traditional folk tunes through transitions and underscoring. The live ensemble consisted of violin, acoustic guitar, and accordion.