Performance, Theater

Hit the Body Alarm

(sound design, live electronics, electric violin)
Performing Garage, NYC (2016)


Created and Performed by Winsome Brown
Directed by Winsome Brown and Brad Rouse


Texts by John Milton, James Joyce, Brad Rouse, Winsome Brown
Music by John Zorn
Sound design by Sean Hagerty
Lighting by Michael O’Connor
Scenic design by Jean Kim


“The sound is designed in front of your eyes as Sean Hagerty creates alchemical electronic wizardry to underscore Brown’s flights of the fantastical.”
-Jacquelyn Claire, NY Theatre Guide


Obie award winner Winsome Brown debuts a solo performance as part of a residency at The Performing Garage, home of the Wooster Group. Combining texts of Milton’s Paradise Lost with original jail tails from co-director Brad Rouse and herself, she explores themes of power and isolation.
Alongside original music by John Zorn, featuring the Gnostic Trio (Bill Frisell, Carol Emanuel, and Kenny Wollesen), the sound design transports the audience through these realms with live electric violin and interactive vocal processing.


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(photo by Theo Cote)