Inner Voices

(sound design)
Urban Stages (2012)
Borrowed Dust
Book and lyrics by Martin Moran; music by Joseph Thalken
Directed by Jonathan Butterell
Starring Hunter Foster ( Urinetown, Million Dollar Quartet)
Music direction by Paul Masse
In Borrowed Dust, George Richardson has just returned from a trip to his childhood home to claim and bury the body of his younger brother. As he recalls the experience and grapples with the sudden loss, the emotional landmines, the blood ties, and the secrets revealed, we bear witness to his story and his effort to find sense and acceptance.
Book and lyrics by Victor Lodato; music by Polly Pen
Directed by Jack Cummings III
Starring Alexandra Silber ( Master Class, Hello Again)
Music direction by Kenneth Gartman
Alone at home, sweet Sara Jane waits for her soldier husband to return from war—where he may have committed a stunning atrocity. After a few too many bourbons, she begins to pose some dangerous questions, as well as reveal some nasty secrets. Arlington tracks one woman’s examination of her conflicted psyche and the slow dawning of a new political consciousness.
Farhad or The Secret of Being
Book and lyrics by Nilo Cruz; music by Jim Bauer
Directed by Saheem Ali
Starring Arielle Jacobs ( In the Heights)
Music Direction by Matt Hinkley
In Farhad or The Secret of Being, an Afghan girl who was raised as a boy reaches puberty and faces the abrupt changes of womanhood when she is plunged into an arranged marriage. She struggles to adapt to the difficult world women confront in this part of the world as she tries to find ways to surpass limitations and the bondage of her reality.
(photos by Joan Marcus)