Midnight Madness

by Third Rail Projects
(original music and sound design)

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A charity event, an overnight scavenger hunt and city-wide mega-puzzle, the tragic story of the Beaux Arts movement’s most celebrated model, and the echoes of her image carved into the monuments and architecture of sites throughout Manhattan.

Third Rail Projects was honored to participate in Wall Street’s most elaborate charity event–an all night scavenger hunt that raised over 3.1 million dollars for Good Shepherd Services. Sponsored by Goldman Sachs Gives, proceeds from the event support the construction of a state-of-the-art community center in East New York that will serve over 1,000 families with programs and services to strengthen this Brooklyn community.

Centering the event around the story of Audrey Munson, Midnight Madness creators, Elisha Wiesel, Mat Laibowitz, and Dan Michaelson reached out to Third Rail Projects to craft seven immersive theater experiences and a silent film that became pieces of the larger puzzle. After many hours chasing clues around town, players finally faced Munson in a shrouded hotel room near the end of the game and presented her with items they had collected along the way, signifiers of her life including a sketch they made in an art studio and a rare coin with her image on it.

Dance, Immersive