(sound design)
Hangar Theatre, Ithaca, NY (2014)
Written by John Logan
Directed by Jen Waldman
Starring David Studwell and Paul-Emil Cendron
Lighting Design – David Arsenault
Scenic Design – Tom Burch
Costume Design – Gretchen Darrow-Crotty
Sound Design – Sean Hagerty
It’s 1958, and artist Mark Rothko has been offered the biggest commission in modern art: creating a series of paintings to hang in The Four Seasons restaurant in New York City. Now, he must to live up to the challenge as he and his young assistant work feverishly in his Lower East Side studio to complete the task. As the master and his student struggle to define their artistic beliefs, the two men go head-to-head on the purpose of art and the relationship between the artist and his creation.
(photo by Rachel Philipson)