The Dead Dream Machine

(original arrangements)
La Luz (Bushwick, Brooklyn – 2013)
Written by Jake Thomas
Directed and choreographed by Rachel Klein

“The dreams we remember when we wake up are dead dreams according to The Dead Dream Machine, a horror play full of aerial acrobatics, gothic dance numbers, and puppetry. When we do not remember our dreams however, it is because they are too brilliant and disturbing for our minds to process while awake. We have “evolved an evolutionary mechanism” to forget those dreams. One man, a magician, has created a machine to harvest those live dreams directly from the dream world and bring them into the waking world.” – Robin Tripp, Bushwick Daily

A series of horror vignettes culminates in a final song, an industrial arrangement of There is a Kingdom by Nick Cave, performed by guest artists including Randy Jones (The Village People), Rob Roth, Constantine Maroulis, Brooklyn Ladies Choir, Miss Guy, Corn Mo, Michael T, Velocity Chyaldd, and Burlesque Starr